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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 going on 21

We just celebrated Kapri's 3rd Birthday. Let me tell you how fun it was for all of us! We invited some family and friends from the ward over and all the kids she knew.. We had a slip and slide, bouncy princess castle, and cupcakes. She literally ran around from 9 in the morning to 5 that night. Once the high from the cupcakes and friends wore off she was down and out. I have never seen her more exhausted! Dustin and I bought her a purple Rapunzel bike and some extra toys, but she could have cared less. Her friends and her family around her was what she was soaking up. We have come so far this last three years. Starting out bringing her home to our little place in salt lake, and now we are on our 8th house with her in victor id! (of all places right?)We love her more than words can describe and she is the air we breathe! She is going to be taking on a new role soon as big sister and I wonder how that will work out for us! She has such a gentle and loving spirit about her.. but on the other side she is definitely been testing my patients lately and seeing how far she can get away with things. Although she is the light of my life, she is a bomb burning brightly!
She is so advance for her age and very smart. At Three she knows all her ABC's not just the songs but has letter recognition, even out of order. She knows all her numbers up to 20. she can count backwards as well. She can sound out all letters that she sees and tries to read. She can do upto three letter words now. She can visually add and subtract with the help of an explanation. (IE: mom had 5 apples, dad ate 2, how many are left) She dresses herself, more than once in a day. She can run faster in heels than any adult Ive seen. She has a sense of self fashion and how she likes her hair.. NO NEGOTIATIONS! She hasn't been too picky of an eater, but her appetite has definitely slowed down the older she has gotten. She can put away an entire cone of ice cream with two scoops! That is obviously her favorite. And right now we are on a purple kick! ANything purple makes the cut! She was quite the party planner for the birthday party. Picking out coordinating purple balloons and cake, and decor. She still loves a good book with mom, longer books are quite interesting to her. She loves to color and is really good at staying within lines, she loves to color their hair, hands, and faces. She is into dresses and dress ups, and anything that looks "beautiful". Her vocabulary is amazing and she comes up with phrases that i didn't even knew she knew. She is a sponge in every aspect of life. She is getting more and more social. We went through the year of her wanting to hit every kid she saw and didn't want to associate with anyone. And now she sees all the fun she has with friends and is getting better.
out of her mouth. "please don't take my three away"
she will attend "Pri- school"
the "d" word has slipped out of her mouth a few times
"what a beautiful day"
"I will hit that kid"
"your hair will never grow"
"is my hair growing longer and longer"
and her prayers are oh so precious!
we love you dear kapri and you are my bestest girl xoxo, mom and dad

3rd trimester

Third Trimester
Heart burn came back like it was my best frenemy! I think i live on tums! But for the most part Im just large. I keep getting comments like " you have 2 months left" or "are you sure they checked for twins". My mother and husband keep telling me Im all out in front with it being all baby. BUt no one is telling me what they think of me from behind :) Im having braxton hicks contractions since the start of 20 wks so they are nothing new to me. We have done all sorts of testing with this child to see if it's pre term labor but my doctor thinks I just have a very active pregnancy! what ever that is supposed to mean. This baby has move constantly and I love to have that feeling of life inside of me. It's quiet the miracle. She has had a name since we found out that it was a girl but once again we are trying to keep it somewhat of a surprise! But Kapri will tell you if you ask her! We are anxious and very excited to meet our new bundle and can't wait to see how life will change once again with another girl. We just moved into a new home in victor to give us more space in these long and drawn out winters so i think we are ready for her to come. Im reusing most of my baby things that we used with Kapri which makes it nice to relive some of those memories and can't wait to watch the sisters grow up together!

Friday, July 15, 2011

30 weeks and counting

So i thought Id better update on the pregnancy because the last 8 months i have not!
1st trimester:
It sure was not the most prettiest! I had major break outs, morning sickness and felt like i had insomnia! Not an exageration. I normally had snow shoed with all the girls by 9:00 and now i was lucky if Kapri got fed by noon. But that first 12 wks came and went super fast. By week 12 I could no longer button up my pants and was feeling like I was already hiding something in my shirt.
2nd trimester:
The first wk of this phase we headed out to vegas.. Left Kapri home with grandma (for the first time) saved a crap load of money and dustin took work off. The second we landed in Vegas... Horror struck. We ended up spending 8 hr, and half of our life's savings and all our sanity in the er right off the strip with the rest of the drug dealers of America. The diagnosis was rough.. I had an incomplete cervix and the pregnancy was going to be lost. It was just a waiting game from there on out to see how bad it was going to be when it all took place. So I phoned my doc back home and had ultrasounds and blood worked all sent back to jackson while I lied on my back in the Trump in Vegas! my doctors didn't want me flying back incase of an emergency and so it was all just a waiting game. Meanwhile the weather in Vegas was HORRIBLE. 40mph winds and pool closed down, dustin and I were stuck on the 35 floor with only room service to rack up.
second half to this story. After getting home and recieving what felt like an undecided decision of a preisthood blessing.. and many many doctor apts later. Still the pregnancy was progressing. We had normal ultrasounds and everything seemed to be normal. Weeks obviously went by and the further along we got into the pregnancy the better off we would be if there was a threatened miscarage. ( or after 20 wks is pre term labor)
Going into the ultra sound room Dustin just knew what the answer would be in the back of his head and so did I (through maternal and spiritual instinct). Yes the doctor said you are having a GIRL. Mom and Kapri were all smiles, and I could just see the concern in DUstins eyes. Not much was said that rest of the day about how he felt I just knew he had to let it sink in. ANother girl, another emotional girl, another emotional girl in OUr home. He was scared and I just let it be. Now that we know she is coming so soon and have her named picked out and can feel her little spirit around, it feels so right.
I started showing with this one much much sooner than i did with Kapri. I would say around 4 or 5 months is when i switched over to some maternity pants and belly bands. My belly button poked out at 5 months which was quite akward to hide in all my shirts. But to say the least I felt okay through this first half.
Subsequent pregnancy are not as glamourous as I thought id would be. And no one told me that. I felt like an old man, with many many problems. I would get out of the shower and have a regimn or ointment for everything! I ached and stomach stretched like i could not believe. I will never be that in shape before having another baby again. I would rather have a loose stomach to let it all hang out!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What we are smiling about..

We are soooo please to finally share the excitement with all our friends, that BABY EIDEN NUMBER 2 is on it's way! We have so much to look forward to the end of the summer (September) with adding a new addition to our family. We are so greatful to have so much support surrounding us and to share our joy with :)

Updates to come soon... First appt is the end of the this week! And we can't wait to take our first sneak peek!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

snow bunnies

OH how i LOVE my snow bunnies! This picture was taken the weekend before THanksgiving.. but also was OPENING day of our ski hill! So we took Kapri and the pups up to catch some good sledding! Kapri and more or less daddy had a GREAT time!

Holiday fun!

My parents just moved AGAIN.. and this time not so far away from all the shopping. WE were expecting to spend four days in salt lake shopping to get all the christmas list taken care of and it took only 2 hours. She was sooo close to all our favorite stores that we are oh so deprived of. So that left all the time in the world to PLAY. We took aunt Jo JO and baby cousin Remy and grandpa and loaded up to the local bowling alley. It was so fun to just hang out and play. Also.. not even intentional.. Kapri beat mom by a good 20 points:)